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Parcel Invoice Audtiting


Dispute Management
Process to resolve disputed invoices by clearly identifying charges that in conflict with contract.


Data Standardization
Transforms non-standard courier data to a common format that enhances cost allocation and facilitates delivery reporting.


Delivery Intelligence
Generating data and reports to support:

Trend Analysis

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

      • % of ‘On Time Pick up’ or ‘Delivery’
      • Cost Per Stop
      • Cost Per Mile


Contract Management
Administering activities associated with the implementation and execution of the courier contract

          • Request for Proposal
          • Courier Selection
          • Vendor Analysis
          • Contract Negotiations


Delivery Planning
The process of planning delivery goals and objectives and working with pharmacy and courier to execute and achieve goals.

                  • Same Day Delivery Solutions
                  • Capacity Planning
                  • Delivery Objectives
                  • Same-Day Delivery Assessment
                  • Delivery Options
                  • Delivery Program Assessment
                  • Program Analysis and Design
                  • Implementation
                  • Local Operation


Courier Compliance
Monitoring and measuring courier activities to ensure compliance with contract terms.

                • Vendor Reviews (timeliness, Accuracy Completeness)
                • Claim Adjustments
                • Courier Scorecard


Dynamic Route Optimization
Route optimization in response to unexpected delivery jobs to provide attractive choices to the customer and cost optimization to the shipper.



Electronic Confirmation
System to confirm appointments while en-route to the customer; validates presence; electronic proof of delivery; and follow-up on customer satisfaction on the process.


Courier Invoice Management

Invoice-Link, from Supply Chain Finance, provides Long Term Care Pharmacies the flexibility to work with an outside courier while still controlling the expenses. 

Invoice-Link helps reduce courier costs and provide tools that integrate directly with your existing systems. Supply Chain Finance enables your company to transform dysfunctional data, to eliminate repetitive workflows, and to manage couriers.

Our services include:

  • Courier Invoice Audits
  • Self-Invoicing
  • Delivery Optimization


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