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Press Release


    Assessing the Value of Courier Delivery Audits

July 7, 2017

Audit_ROI.jpegCourier delivery is a fundamental service where goods are transferred to end users, but billing documents are often incomplete and confusing to accounts payable clerks and transportation managers. Shippers that assign or hire external resources o audit invoices are mitigating current risks and deter future billing errors; however, organizations use cost-effective measures to justify their budgeted expenditures.






Supply Chain Finance Expands Invoice-Link Software Capabilities to Manage Scheduled, OnDemand, Rush and other Delivery Services

May 15, 2017


Supply Chain Finance, a leading developer for delivery management applications, announced that its Invoice-Link application had extended its capability to manage courier spend. Couriers no longer can submit their charges without explanation due to improvements supported by Invoice-Link to manage contracts and process invoices.  




Audit Solution Transforms Courier Invoice into Business Intelligence Asset

January 25,2017


The Invoice-Link solution supports courier auditing, delivery reports and reducing delivery costs by 30%. Pharmacies lack shipping tools to manage costs, optimize routes and rush deliveries. Tom Chappelear,Supply Chain Finance President, developed Invoice-Link to support the difficult task of auditing courier invoices and generating information to manage deliveries.