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Data Democracy

Current Trends in Data Organization An assignment to research a database topic. Politicians have discovered that Big Data can be an asset. Can SMB companies use Big Data? The trend is politics indicate that Big Data may become affordable and used …
Data Democracy   The following contain the original notes for my Current Trends in Data Organization presentation.  See the video at:…

How does your organization process an invoice?

Can you answer this question? If not, let's talk....
I ask this question and the typical CFO response does not match their actual processes.  The CFO (or senior finance manager) lists protocols related to invoice receipt, desig…

How does 72% rate of return sound?

Just think about that for a minute. If your financial advisor could offer you that kind of return on your investment - would you be interested?
If you have vendors that offer early pay discounts (2, 10 30), then you can achieve a rate of return of 72%.  The Accounts Payable Network advances that the rate of return fo…