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Same-Day Business Intelligence

Every company needs a clear set of goals and objectives to achieve the maximum benefits from its Business Intelligence investments. A single data source enables the client to streamline planning and focus the company. LTC Pharmacies are data intensi…
A Business Intelligence (BI) framework must be practical for the mid-sized company (like most LTC Pharmacies) to draw upon the BI concepts used in larger companies.  I was a memb…

Is there Value in Stat Stops?

Visibility to same-day delivery data can be mined for intelligence and improve the LTC Pharmacy's cross-functional business decisions. The value derived from the delivery data can use to grow the LTC Pharmacy.
LTC pharmacies have embraced automation technology and information and can visualize each step during the pharmacy preparation workflow.  However, when the prescription is transf…

Lost Treasure

Courier delivery data is a gold that is hidden form LTC Pharmacies. The problem is that this gold mine is hidden in paper invoices.
LTC pharmacies utilize powerful information system that enable prescription preparation to be efficient and more effective.  These systems enable exceptional patient care while e…

Server Thunderstorms

Server Thunderstorms will occur, but they can be avoided by using tools that enable your LTC Pharmacy move the storm to the next meeting.
Does your LTC Pharmacy seek cover during thunderstorm warning? The atmosphere is ripe for a storm: you have unhappy facilities, office politics demotivates, and dispensing cost…

Converting Courier Delivery Expense into a Silk Purse

Disposable resources can be converted to valuable asset.
The old idiom “You Can’t Make a Silk Purse Out of Sows’ Ears” has been used for years to discourage inventiveness and enterprise (  This phras…

LTC Pharmacy Delivery Stops are More Complex than Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cubes are complex, but these puzzles do not hold a candle to the puzzle LTC Pharmacy managers face in providing Same-Day-Delivery for perscriptions.
A Rubik’s Cube is a three-dimensional combination puzzle invented in 1974 to solve the structural problem of moving the parts independently without the entire mechanism falling …

Can LTC Pharmacies Control Courier Delivery Costs?

Supply Chain Finance has developed Courier Invoice Management services to help LTC Pharmacies manage Courier Expenses
LTC Pharmacies provide services to meet the unique healthcare needs of LTC patients and incur dispensing costs that are 25% higher than traditional retail pharmacies.  Howeve…

Courier Invoice Management

LTC Pharmacy to manage and control courier expenses
Couriers perform same-day-delivery services that enable LTC Pharmacies to care for patients.  This time-sensitive service enables LTC Pharmacies to delivery critical medications …