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Your Delivery Costs Depend on Your Definition of a Stop

A delivery definition that matches your delivery model reduces delivery costs.
Your courier promises that they have it covered. They are the professionals who know delivery. But, what delivery changes have they brought? Routes are the same as before, and …

Delivery System Tools

Same-Day Delivery activities have few management tools. Supply Chain Finance is committed to creating tools similar to Transportation Management Systems (TMS) to facilitate courier deliveries.
Multi-site organizations that provide same-day delivery service must balance their customer care goal with their business profitability goal. Delivery activity and costs cause con…

Predicting Stats

Same-Day Delivery Data provides more than simple stop and cost measures. Supply Chain Finance provides Business Intelligence that drive savings and process improvement opportunities. However, the delivery data does not just appear; Supply Chain Finance p…
In my discussions with LTC Pharmacy Executives, Business Intelligence derived from courier deliveries is a foreign concept.  They express a disbelief that the courier invoice dat…