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Predicting Stats

May 19, 2015

In my discussions with LTC Pharmacy Executives, Business Intelligence derived from courier deliveries is a foreign concept.  They express a disbelief that the courier invoice data set is not broad enough to provide add any data; besides, ‘how can you upload their PDF (paper) invoice into a database?”

Creating the Business Intelligence from delivery invoices is a lot of work, but Supply Chain Finance performs all the work.  The LTC Pharmacy benefits from the audit and the Business Intelligence generated from the courier invoice audit.

The data we generate by auditing the courier invoice is just data, but Supply Chain Finance views the database as the foundation for understanding the LTC Pharmacy business.  We work to provide a range of Business Intelligence capabilities that enable our clients to reduce and monitor cost per stop, manage delivery activity, and impact dispensing costs.

Supply Chain Finance categorizes it Business Intelligence into what business questions can the user answer by diving into the delivery data.  The following table presents the capabilities we give our clients.




Answers ->What Happened?
                   What is Happening Now?
Financial Reporting
  • Costs, Stops & Performance
  • Self-Invoicing
  • Budgeting
  • Delivery Compliance
  Monitoring & Analysis
Answers  -> Why Did It Happen?
Pharmacy Dashboard
  • Delivery Type
  • Costs
  • Stops
  • Cost per Stop

Courier Performance Scorecard

  • Service Level Attainment
  • POD Ratio
  • Contract Maintenance
Trending to Track
  • Delivery Type Spend Analysis
  • Service Level Analysis
  • Facility Type Analysis
  Predictive Management
Answers -> What will happen?
Actionable Insight
  • Accessorial Forecast
  • Stop Consolidation
LTC Pharmacy Optimization
  • Forecasting
  • Route Planning
  • Stop Optimization
  • Driver Scheduling
  • Facility Type Forecast


Supply Chain Finance transforms non-compliant files and creates a database that is designed to be affordable and provide value that enables the LTC Pharmacy to predict deliveries and manage their same-day delivery expense.  Our goal is to provide visibility and provide custom Business Intelligence that impacts LTC Pharmacy dispensing costs.