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Server Thunderstorms

Apr 14, 2015

Does your LTC Pharmacy seek cover during thunderstorm warning?

The atmosphere is ripe for a storm: you have unhappy facilities, office politics demotivates, and dispensing costs continue to increase.   Then, in walks your controller looking to for delivery costs answers.  The next then you know you are in the middle of a server thunderstorm.

The National Weather Service defines a server thunderstorm as a weather event that contains large hail and surface winds greater than 58 miles per hour.  Under any circumstances, a bad storm.  Server thunderstorms form when the following conditions are met:

  • Unstable atmospheric conditions
  • Warm and moist air
  • A trigger mechanism causes the warm moist air to rise

The parallels between the events that lead to a Server Thunderstorm and the events that lead to stressful controller reviews seem relevant.  The LTC Pharmacy manager faces many pressures in the care of Long Term Care patients.  The controls to dispense prescriptions are rigorous and I have discovered that LTC Pharmacy managers are equipped and handle this operations professionally.

Delivering the prescriptions, however, cause headaches for LTC Pharmacy managers.  Logistics is an art and science not taught in pharmacy colleges, and managing LTC deliveries is complex and couriers tend to use contracts to gain the upper-hand. 

The LTC Pharmacy faces dispensing costs that are 25% higher than a retail pharmacy and delivery costs are typically the 3rd largest expense for a LTC Pharmacy.  This exposure causes controllers to focus on this expense and push to gain control.  LTC Pharmacies always face unstable conditions and it seems that courier invoicing is ripe for extracting moisture.

Controllers like to trigger events and cause server thunderstorms; often pressure leads to a stable atmosphere.  They have goals and courier charges are an obstacle; especially when the numbers are not logical and add little perceived value.  Controllers push; however, courier expenses never lead to a stable weather patterns.

LTC Pharmacy managers face these storm conditions with little or no protection.  They work the issue, when time allows, but the storm intensifies during the next controller review.

How can a LTC Pharmacy manager withstand the storm?

Supply Chain Finance believes that the best in not to hide from server storm, but rather prevent the storm from occurring.  LTC Pharmacies always face pressure, but we advocate the use of business intelligence manage and report on courier expenses.  This prevents the controller from using the courier expenses as the trigger to launch the storm.

Our Courier Invoice Management services provide reporting that is reliable and enables controllers to understand courier activities.  We calm the storm before it occurs.