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Courier Invoice Management

Mar 19, 2015

Couriers perform same-day-delivery services that enable LTC Pharmacies to care for patients.  This time-sensitive service enables LTC Pharmacies to delivery critical medications to patients; however, some couriers exploit the pharmacist’s attention on patients and dictate delivery operations.  Has this happened on your dock? 

LTC Pharmacies that have relinquished delivery to couriers face unintended consequences such as ambiguous invoices and/or uncontrolled courier expense.  If you have implemented programs to control stops, but your courier spend continues to rise, you may have relinquished too much control to your courier.

Supply Chain Finance has devised a Courier Invoice Management solution which allows your pharmacy managers to take control of their delivery stops.  We customize our service and reduce the pain-points courier invoices inflicted upon you and your pharmacy managers. 

Imagine: Having facts when conducting facility reviews versus impressions.  Supply Chain Finance can provide delivery facts and begin the process to reduce cost per stops by 20%.